Introducing the newest member to the Bremick family...



Designed and Engineered to screw through almost any material without pre-drilling*, making this the only screw you’ll need for multiple Trade and DIY applications!


Use the MultiONE to fasten into Softwood, Hardwood, Treated Timbers, Composite boards, Laminated Boards, Brick, Block, Concrete & various metals.

B8 COATING Xsmall.png

Protected and Coated with Bremick's B8 coating
Lasts 4x longer than galvanising.

MultiONE Screw.png

* Pre-drilling may be required in masonry products.

Torx®  Compatible Drive

Positive bit engagement provides maximum application of torque

Unique Thread Design

Engineered to fasten multiple materials with ease

TopGRIPTM Thread

Locks materials together

High Tech Drill Tip

Drills a perfect size hole for the screw

Super powerful, super strong.

Available in Truss & Contour Head

Suitable for countersunk or flat face applications

The one screw that every toolbox needs.

A drill bit & screw in one.